Visitor Management Tool


Pupil Management – software comes with a dedicated pupil module that allows schools to track specific pupil sign in and out events. It allows schools to record late marks for pupils, with a reason. It also provides a more safe and secure sign out process for pupils leaving school early.

Staff Management – With InVentry systems you can track signing in and out for staff. Simply swiping an ID card on the InVentry sign-in system which will record accurate sign-in and information so you always know who is onsite.

Visitor Management – Get rid of flawed paper-based management systems with our state of the art visitor management system. Every 19inch touchscreen comes with an integrated webcam and ID badge printer for instant identification. Our marketing leading software comes with facial recognition, visitor memory, an inbuilt DBS checker and a visitor notification system.

Evacuation – The InVentry evacuation app allows you to access a real-time copy of everyone who is onsite from any mobile device at multiple muster points. It means you can track the whereabouts of visitors in your school and accurately record visitors entering or leaving your site.