Fever Screening

Protect your Staff, Clients, Students, Visitors and Residents

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are a new continuous cough and/or a fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)

We can supply and support fever detection systems to businesses and organisations. Temperature monitoring of staff and visitors is set to become a routine part of daily life and will form part of the UK’s strategy to return to a new normal. Our goal is to provide easy to use, accurate and cost-effective solutions to businesses and organisations to help them fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Handheld, portable tripod or fixed screening cameras are a highly efficient way to detect staff, clients, patients, students, and visitor’s temperature before they enter your workplace. It only takes seconds to screen for elevated body temperatures and at a safe distance.

We offer flexible stand-alone agreements along with the option to mix the screening cameras with other IT products such as printers, copiers, and laptops. That way you can spread the capital costs of the equipment without any upfront cash outlay to ease pressures on the organisations cash flow.

Covid Temperature Checking
Covid Temperature Checking